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Malaysia Taobao Agent

Please sent Email/Call if you need further clarification.
Phone: +6010-8260011

Fill in our order form and email us your orders from the link below:

Postage by Air - cheapest RM 10/kg only!
Commission charges - 5% only!

Storage Fees
FREE of charge for 2 weeks.

Malaysia Delivery Charges via Air Shipping

KG West Malaysia East Malaysia
Price/KG Total Price/KG Total
1 kg 20 20 28 28
2 kg 16 32 28 56
3 kg 14 42 28 84
4 kg 14 56 28 112
5 kg 13 65 22 110
6 kg 13 78 22 132
7 kg 13 91 22 154
8 kg 13 104 22 176
9 kg 13 117 22 198
10 kg 13 130 22 220
11 kg 12 132 20 220
12 kg 12 144 20 240
15KG and above RM10/kg.

Price Calculation
(Price+Local China Postage/1.9) x1.05= Total Price for the Items (MYR) [without Malaysia shipping charge of RM13/kg]

p/s: Please take note that local delivery location to our warehouse in China is to Guangzhou.

Price of item = RMB 100

Local China Postage to our warehouse = RMB 12

Subtotal = RMB 100 + RMB 12 = RMB 112

Agent Fees 5% = RMB 112 x 5% = RMB 5.60

Grand Total in Ringgit = (RMB 112 + RMB 5.60)/1.90 = RM 61.89

NO HIDDEN CHARGES! We tell u upfront what u need to pay. :D

Reliable Malaysia TAOBAO Agent Service
We are a registered business in Malaysia with SSM offering online selling and trading under Shop In Carts. We provide Alipay recharge and also help buyers in Malaysia purchase from
Contact us: Jenny. +6010-8260011

What is
Taobao is a chinese online sale & auction site. Something similar to Ebay but operated in the People’s Republic of China. Items sold in Taobao are usualyl directly made in China which ranges from everything you can find around the world.
Sellers are able to post new and used goods for sale on the Taobao marketplace either through a fixed price or by auction.

Click here to take a look.

Why Order From Taobao?
There's so much you can buy from TAOBAO. From small household items, to and thing you can find is available there and it's usually CHEAPER. (MYR to RMB is rough 1:2). Pay chinese rate while shopping at

Why use Taobao Agent Service?
1. items are cheaper but they usually do not have international shipping so an agent is required to deliver your items to you in Malaysia.
2. Payment to taobao requires local chinese banking payment options hence the trouble in payment if you're not a chinese citizen and is not located in China.
Sites like Ebay provides easier shopping with international shipping and paypal payment.
We will proceed with purchasing the items you require, arrange payment to the supplier/sellers and deliver it you directly in Malaysia. Therefore, it's so much easier to engage us as an agent.

Why Choose Us as Taobao Agent?
FREE in Collecting items you had bought from varies vendors.
Combine all your parcel in 1 which you had bought from different vendors in order to reduce your international shipping cost.
Provide FREE stocking service for 2 weeks.
Provide tax prevention issue service. Please be informed that tax can only be prevented and no guarantee that it’s not taxable. Please inform us before hand for arrangement.
Help you save as much as 70% in international Shipping fees. So much cheaper compared to international shipping provided elsewhere.
Free service in ensuring your items are all collected before sending to you.
Free service in communicate with vendor to purchase your item.

How to use us as your Taobao Agent?
1) Please email us the URL link of the item you like to purchase together with Recipient's name, Address, contact number, email address, items list(name, price(RMB), local postage fees(RMB), Size, Color and Quantity).

2) Total price of items will be (Price+Local China Postage)/1.9 x1.05= Total Price for the Items (MYR) [without international shipping charge]

3) The total shipping weight of your items to Malaysia will be charged according to table rate above.

4) Payment for your items will be seperated into two parts.
a. Payment for your items to reach our warehouse in China.
b. Payment for delivery of your items to Malaysia.

5) After receive the first payment, we will proceed to purchase the items at within next working day.

6) The parcel require 2-3 days to reach our warehouse. We will always help you to track your parcel from your vendor so that it can arrive earlier.

7) After arrival of the parcel, we will pack together and get the final weight of the parcel.

8) We will email you the weight of the parcel so you can proceed with last part of payment for international shipping fees.

9) After confirmation of payment, we will arrange for the shipment.

10) Wait for your parcel to arrive.

Insurance Coverage
To provide coverage on the easy damage item. It is very suitable for those who buy high value item.
Premium payable= 8% of (Cost of product+Shipping cost) or RM50 whichever is higher.
Pls contact us if interest.

Storage Fees
FREE of charge for 2 weeks.

Tax Service
Products brought in to Malaysia by us have not been taxed. Suggested recommended value of parcel should be below USD 150 or roughly below Rm500.

Contact Information
Contact us: Jenny. +6010-8260011


  1. Kindly contact me via email or drop me an SMS for quicker response.

    1. Nice and informative information shared by your blog on China Products. I really appreciate it.
      Buy China Products from Taobao

  2. here is the list of taobao agent
    most organized one is, charge you 10% and the international shipping charge is little higher than "bottom“ price. hope it is helpful.

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  4. how i want to deal wif u..can give me detail

  5. Hi Agent, already more than a month, please reply my email and answer my call. I need the product urgently. Please.

  6. Hi Jenny,

    Are you still in business?
    I email you many times but no response from you...

  7. Hi Jenny,

    Can I know if you still in business? Please reach me at 0166633529


  8. Dear agent, i have request to refund the overpaid for more than HALF YEAR, i have pursue and follow up by email for few time, and i been given alot excuse and lost my patient, no sms replied or call back, and seem you all try to refuse for any refund and no any further action in checking!!!
    So if the case non refundable, pls state in ur Q&A or better still close down the business!!!

    1. same here!! I've been waited for him to reply my question that I've asked him like 4 months ago!

    2. From last conversation, this agent told me closed down business on Feb 2013, but when asking when can get refund, he told me wait till he settle with China side, after that no longer further action from this agent and totally been ignored no matter what kind matter you try to reach the agent!! So, my opinion is that, those who waiting for refund, forget about it, and most probably u won't get it back anymore.

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  9. Well at first I was very mad about it and I kept calling him/her and sometimes he did reply and he gave me the same excuses as you did...and he even drag his/her colleague along and I even try contact her and eventually she changed her phone number..after that I have already prepared that I'll lose my money and I have completely lost his/her trust and his/her business! FML!

  10. hi, for mi, i have buyed some times online from taobao agents,, is a better one, via only 5% of commission, we can buy from china easile, they offer language service, safe payment and big discount of shipping.

  11. After seeing the comments from those victims, I am lucky that I was not successful registered with Taobao. Otherwise I would have fallen into the same trap.
    True, I was amazed with the lower price, especially the treadmill, which is almost double the price in Malaysia, and you are talking about saving of > RM1k+, no kidding.
    It is only recently that Lelong has started selling Chinese brand treadmill, however, I doubt the quality as well as the support and after sales service.
    Pay a bit more and have a sleepless night, after all, we Malaysian is a high income earner already.

  12. pity....just go here.. ..easy and reliable....already 15 parcels received at my doorsteps...

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    1. no he didnt! see the comment.. people get trap


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